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'An agent, much like a writer, needs passion, drive, ability and perseverance - Madeleine Milburn has all of these qualities in abundance. She knows the publishing industry inside out and she is as loyal as she is wise. I can't think of anyone else I'd rather navigate the treacherous waters of our industry with.'

Caleb Krisp

'Madeleine Milburn is the best agent in the country. No one works as tirelessly for their clients as she does. She makes writing dreams come true.'

C.J. Daugherty

'Madeleine Milburn is the ultimate London agency. Everyday I pinch myself that I am represented by Maddy and her team: they are a dedicated, dynamic and thriving tour de force, and I know my career is in the safest possible hands. The agency feels like a true family, supportive and big-hearted at the same time as securing serious commercial results. They are the dream!'

Victoria Fox

'Maddy has, quite literally, changed my life - and she continues to change my life every day. I just feel like I'm in such safe hands with her - whether it comes to selling my books all over the world, or negotiating a tricky contract. It frees my time (and mind) up to focus on writing my novels.'

Holly Bourne

'Maddy is a tireless champion for all her clients. Enthusiastic, passionate about books, and always available for advice and encouragement. She is highly regarded in the publishing industry, and overlooks a growing list of exciting authors. As part of her agency I feel looked after and confident that my writing career is in expert hands.'

Matt Ralphs

'Maddy is, to borrow some words from Tina Turner, ‘Simply The Best.’ I really believe my career is in safe hands with her and her team, which means that I have the freedom to pursue what I love doing – writing stories.'

Fionnuala Kearney

'Due to my success in self-publishing I was approached by several agents in a matter of weeks. I chose to work with Madeleine because she really gets my work and treats me as an equal. I’ve been represented by Madeleine for nearly three years now and, not only has she become a great friend, I also feel like she is my business partner.'

Mel Sherratt

'A writing career isn't just book deals, parties and signings. There are lows too - self-doubt, breaks between contracts, harsh reviews and tough edits - and a good agency will be there for you during the lows as well as the highs. The whole team work seamlessly to let me concentrate on the thing I do best - writing my novels. I like to think of the Madeleine Milburn Literary and TV agency as my literary cheerleaders. They're the first to applaud if I achieve a new success but they'll pick me up if I fall too. For a career to have longevity an agency has to be there for you every step of the way. Four books in and the MM Literary Agency is still right beside me.'

C.L. Taylor

 I started 2016 as a dog-walker. I ended it with a major publishing deal and rights to my debut novel – THE CHALK MAN - sold in 38 territories around the world.That’s the difference Madeleine made to my life. It is not every agent who can pluck a manuscript from the slush pile and turn it into a worldwide success. Madeleine is quite simply phenomenal - the whole team are - and bloomin’ lovely too. I can’t think of any agent I would rather have representing me, and every day I get to write for a living instead of traipsing through muddy fields in the rain, I remember how lucky I am!

C.J. Tudor


“Maddy has,
quite literally,
changed my life”


Holly Bourne


“Madeleine makes
writing dreams
come true”


C.J. Daugherty