Mystery / Suspense


Hachette / Quercus, January 2019


HarperCollins / Park Row, January 2019


Annie Ward


Things that make me scared: When Charlie cries. When Ian won’t wake up. When someone shoots kids in a school.


Exploring writing therapy after a horrific camping accident, Madeline Wilson lists her worries. She gradually reveals her fear of British husband Ian, a bodyguard struggling with PTSD; her concern for the safety of their young son Charlie; and her tumultuous friendship with CIA operative Jo.


Drowning, especially little Syrian kids that wash up dead on the shore. When Charlie hides from me. ISIS. 


From the Balkans to England, Iraq to Manhattan, and finally to an ordinary family home in Kansas, sixteen years of love, adventure and suspicion culminate in The Day of the Killing, when a terrified 911 call summons the police to a blood-splattered house.


That something is really, really wrong with me.


What in this beautiful home has gone bad?  





US: HarperCollins / Park Row
UK & Commonwealth: Hachette / Quercus
Czech: Domino
Estonian: Eesti Raamat
Greek: Dioptra
Hebrew: Kinneret-Zmora
Hungarian: Muvelt Nep
Italian: Longanesi
Polish: Czarna Owca
Slovakian: Ikar