Kate Ling

A love story from the deepest reaches of our universe.


‘I longed so hard for all the things that make life life, and I never thought they’d be mine. But now … now they are. Now I have something to lose.’


Seren and Dom have fled their old lives on board spaceship Ventura in order to be together. They crash-land on a beautiful, uninhabited planet, which at first seems like paradise.


There is no one to answer to…but no one to ask for help. And with each new day comes the realisation of how vulnerable they truly are.


This planet has secrets – lots of them. Uncovering them could be the key to survival, but at what cost?


The follow-up to The Loneliness of Distant Beings, Kate Ling’s second book takes us on an incredible journey through love, loss and the strength of the human spirit.


Young Adult

UK Publication

Orion, August 2017

US Publication

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UK & Commonwealth: Orion
Danish: Gads Forlag
Dutch: Moon
German: Luebbe / Boje
Italian: Il Castoro
Turkish: Dogan Egmont