Hard Pushed

Leah Hazard

It’s not unusual for me to spend the night between a stranger’s legs. Sometimes two or three strangers in the space of twelve hours. Tonight is a bit different, though. It’s 3.42am and things aren’t going to plan.

Sitting in point-blank range of this particular vagina feels like staring down the barrel of a gun. Birth is inherently risky, a kind of physiological Russian roulette, but every midwife prays that she’ll dodge the bullet.

‘Your baby’s getting a bit tired,’ I say cautiously to the woman on the bed.

‘That makes fucking two of us.’

Fresh and unapologetic, with a vividly authentic voice, Leah gives readers an astonishing and entirely uncensored insight into the front line of our country’s maternity services.


Hard Pushed is a love letter to Leah’s fellow midwives, to her brave patients, and to our National Health Service.



UK Publication

Penguin Random House / Hutchinson, May 2019

US Publication

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UK & Commonwealth: Penguin Random House / Hutchinson
Polish: GW Foksal
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