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Hodder, Spring 2018


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Baby Boom

Helen Wallen


Frank and hilarious fiction from award-winning, potty-mouthed blogger, toddler-survivor and baby-producer, ‘Just a Normal Mummy’.


Inspired by the award-winning blog, JUST A NORMAL MUMMY: BABY. BOOM is a funny and unfiltered no-holds-barred account of three best friends’ journey through pregnancy, life and relationships.


Emily has her life all planned out, but discovers pregnancy is anything but predictable. Luckily she has a lot of Pinterest boards to help her with that…


Molly’s pregnancy is unexpected, but she breezes it, as she breezes everything. (Much to Emily’s annoyance.)


Liz’s love-life is complicated; she’s in love with a married man. When she finds out his wife is pregnant, she knows it’s time to be strong and find someone to love her the way she deserves.


It’s a story about becoming parents, but most of all it’s a story about friendship and love.


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