Michelle Adams

It’s never too late to chase a love you lost…

 It has been fifty years since Elizabeth fell in love with Tom, and just as many since she last saw him. She is still in love with him, and is sure he still loves her too, thanks to the small blue crocus delivered to her doorstep every year in line with a promise he once made. She has kept every little note bound to those flowers, each written as a wish for the life they could have shared.

 But when on the 50th anniversary the blue flower fails to arrive, she fears something has happened to the love of her life. For the first time in almost half a century, she endeavours to find out what has happened to Tom; to find out whether the love they once shared can possibly be rekindled?

 Faced with the knowledge that they have only a little time left, she vows to fulfil as many of his wishes as she can. But Elizabeth is scared that her efforts risk uncovering the shameful secret she has been keeping her whole life… Can she continue to hide the truth, or will she have the courage to finally make their dreams come true?


Epic Love Story

UK Publication

Orion / Trapeze, Summer 2020

US Publication

William Morrow, Fall 2020

Rights Sales

UK & Commonwealth: Orion / Trapeze
US: William Morrow
German: Heyne
Greek: Minoas
Italian: Giunti Editore