Jemma Forte


Marianne Baker’s life has stalled. She’s 33, single and to top it all she’s back living at home with her mum and stepdad.


It’s always been easier to blend into the background and let older sister Hayley take centre stage —their mother is convinced she’s destined to be the next big singing sensation.


What no one notices is that of the two sisters, Marianne’s the one with hidden depths.


Until, that is, one terrifying night, when their dad, who they haven’t seen for almost thirty years, reappears, bringing with him a tragic secret but also a refreshing, much needed new perspective on things.


What will this bombshell mean for the sisters? They’ve got nine nine months to find out… because that’s all their dad’s got left.


Women's Fiction

UK Publication

Harlequin / MIRA Books, February 2015

US Publication

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UK & Commonwealth: Harlequin/ MIRA
Spanish: Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial