Pug, Actually

Matt Dunn

Not all heroes wear capes, some of them wear collars.


Rescue dog Doug wants his owner, Julie, to be happy. He loves her unconditionally, and he’s loyal – two things that can’t be said about Julie’s boss, Alex.


Alex and Julie are sleeping together. But Alex is married. And despite repeated promises he’ll leave his wife ‘soon’, Doug’s certain he’s just stringing Julie along. But Julie refuses to break off the affair, worried that this is as good as she gets, and she might end up like her crazy, cat-owning spinster neighbour. It’s a prospect that horrifies Doug as much as her being with Alex does.


Newly-divorced Luke, on the other hand, is perfect for her and everyone can see it – except for Luke and Julie. Perhaps, with Doug’s help, they can get over their initial animosity towards each other.


Doug struggles to understand, navigate, and influence the quirks of human relationships, but he knows he can’t give up on Julie – after all, being a ‘rescue’ dog works both ways…



UK Publication

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US Publication

HarperCollins / Mira, Summer 2021

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North American: HarperCollins / Mira
Italian: Sperling
Spanish: Planeta