She’s Mine

Claire S. Lewis

It’s Scarlett’s worst nightmare when the little girl she is looking after goes missing on a crowded beach under the blazing Caribbean sun. As the police investigation gets underway the young nanny becomes entangled in a web of intrigue surrounding the disappearance of Katie. Is she drowned?  Lost?  Has she been abducted?

Scarlett turns detective in a desperate attempt to find the child and clear her name.  She stumbles on perplexing clues and witness sightings that incriminate Katie’s glamorous mother Christina and her ruthless lover Damien.  But are they really to blame?

As the search continues, a new narrator discloses a series of photographs revealing a toxic love triangle at the heart of the mystery. Dark and tragic family secrets have menacing implications for Katie’s chances of being recovered alive.

Paradise can be deadly…

She’s Mine is fast-paced and thought-provoking with complex and compelling characters.  This edgy and emotionally intense novel will keep readers second-guessing and gripped to the very last chilling twist…



UK Publication

Aria, Spring 2019

US Publication

Aria, Spring 2019

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World English: Aria