Hayley Barker


“Ladies and gentlemen, the show must go on!”


The circus is back, and it’s darker and deadlier than ever before.


After months of running, the past finally catches up with Hoshiko and Ben.


But when Ben makes the ultimate sacrifice, can Hoshi find a way to rescue the boy she loves?


The public has mixed reactions to the re-opening of the Cirque, and there’s been a significant shift towards tolerance and renewal.


Ben and Hoshi have encouraged people to speak out against evil and the young, in particular, are rising up and challenging the system…




This is a stunning follow-up to last year's debut hit Showstopper. It is an incredibly enjoyable read and had me engrossed from start to finish.

A Dream of Books
A Dream of Books


Young Adult

UK Publication

Scholastic, June 2018

US Publication

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World: Scholastic