Fionnuala Kearney

The next emotional epic love story from the author of The Day I Lost You and You, Me & Other People.

HE is Dominic Carter. He believes in love, lives in the moment, tells white lies and likes to take risks. As soon as he meets her, she is the love of his life.

SHE is Erin Fitzgerald. She believes in love, is cautious, one of life’s worriers, and Dom is the man she wants to share her future with.

THE BOOK OF LOVE is a wedding present. It’s a place where they write the things that are hard to say. It’s a place where their love lives.

But when life blindsides them in the worst way, can it be the place that helps love to bring meaning to life?


Women's Fiction

UK Publication

HarperCollins, February 2019

US Publication

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UK & Commonwealth: HarperCollins
Dutch: Xander Uitgeverij
Hebrew: Tchelet Books
Serbian: Vulkan