The Boy I Am

Kathryn L. Kettle

As a boy, Jude’s been told what to be all his life, but what if he has his own ideas?

In a nuclear desert, at the foot of a vast skyscraper, males are auctioned off as Wards into the protection of Guardian women.

Jude Grant, 16, grew up underground in the ‘House of Boys’, dreaming of escape.

But since the reported death of Vik, his only friend, Jude wants more than to serve and survive. So when his desire for freedom and adventure beyond the confines of the Tower are offered in return for a favour, he leaps at the opportunity.

Even if it means assassinating the all-powerful Chancellor.

But his troubles don’t stop there. As well as battling steroidal bullies, who else will avenge his best friend’s death if not him? And though he tries desperately not to, can he prevent himself falling in love with the rebellious Romali?

A thrilling new voice in Young Adult fiction, The Boy I Am by Kathryn L. Kettle is being described as The Power for teenagers.



UK Publication

Stripes Publishing, 2020

US Publication

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