Leah Mercer

From the bestselling author of Who We Were Before.

When a car crash leaves Charlotte McKay with a head injury, the last thing she recalls is a trip to Rome with her husband David…four years earlier.

When she learns that they have a three-year-old daughter, she’s shocked. She remembers nothing of her life as a mother, not even getting pregnant – not even being ready to try for a baby.

She’s certain that once she sees her daughter, it will all come back. But when Annabelle streaks into her mother’s arms, Charlotte is still unable to believe this little girl belongs to her.

Can Charlotte slot into a world that’s now unrecognisable, as mother to a daughter she has no memory of raising, and no memory of wanting?

If being a mother has changed everything both inside and out, how can she ever adapt when she can’t recall any of it?



Upmarket Women's Fiction

UK Publication

Amazon Publishing / Lake Union, October 2019

US Publication

Amazon Publishing / Lake Union, October 2019

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