Christi Daugherty


Harper McClain was 12 years old when she found her mother stabbed to death, naked on the kitchen floor.


Years later, Harper’s own experience has made her one of the best crime reporters in the Savannah, Georgia. Smith, the sergeant who took Harper under his wing after failing to find her mother’s murderer, has become a mentor to her. She’s also developed a dangerous attraction to Luke Walker, a relationship with its own complications with Luke’s position as an undercover detective.


When Marie Whitney is killed in her home, Harper arrives to see Marie’s 12-year-old daughter being led away from the scene by Smith. Harper sneaks into the crime scene to find Marie Whitney naked and stabbed on the kitchen floor.


She realises that this killing is no coincidence; it’s an echo of her own mother’s murder…


Harper is convinced that if she finds Marie Whitney’s killer, she’ll be able solve the crime that destroyed her own life. But how much is she willing to give to find her closure?


An engrossing, multi-faceted mystery with snappy dialogue, a well-drawn cast of characters and a sizzling romantic subplot

Publisher's Weekly
Publisher's Weekly

Daugherty uses her experience as a crime reporter to create a pulse-pounding combination of mystery and suspense that hints at a welcome follow-up.

Kirkus Reviews
Kirkus Reviews

Hot as a Savannah summer, The Echo Killing reels the reader in with a skilful build-up of tension until you are sent hurtling towards a nerve-shredding climax. I was turning the pages with a genuinely racing heart. I can’t wait to meet Harper McLain again.

Cass Green, bestselling author of In a Cottage in a Wood
Cass Green , bestselling author of In a Cottage in a Wood

The Echo Killing had me gripped from the start. Harper McClain ranks alongside the best investigative reporters in fiction. I loved her.

Sarah Ward, author of In Bitter Chill
Sarah Ward , author of In Bitter Chill

A taut, tightly-woven mystery set in the simmering heat of Savannah. This one kept me guessing till the very end . . . and then left me hungry for more! I can’t wait for Harper McLain’s next outing.

C.J. Tudor, author of The Chalk Man
C.J. Tudor , author of The Chalk Man

Christi Daugherty weaves a highly entertaining story of suspense and intrigue in the mysteriously evocative setting of Savannah, Georgia.  Wrought with wonderfully alive characters and a protagonist who is both tough-minded and tender, this is a story that will have you reading late into the night.

Diane Les Becquets, author of Breaking Wild
Diane Les Becquets , author of Breaking Wild

I don't remember breathing the whole time I read The Echo Killing. Christi Daugherty has poured her own experience as a crime writer into a taut and authentic story of. A rave but damaged woman who comes upon an exact replica of her mother's murder and has to decide to trust.

Rhys Bowen
Rhys Bowen

With her newspaper background, Daugherty is the perfect champion for her crime reporting protagonist in The Echo Killing. This is a thriller that's excruciatingly suspenseful, drenched in memory, and has you biting your nails as each chapter unfolds.

Laura Childs, N.Y. Times bestselling author
Laura Childs , N.Y. Times bestselling author

A smart, tough, emotionally bruising portrayal of what murder means when it's up close and personal. A terrific book. Brava.

Carolyn Hart, N.Y. Times bestselling author
Carolyn Hart , N.Y. Times bestselling author

THE ECHO KILLING won me over utterly, from its lush southern setting, to the determined, vulnerable Harper and her dogged search for the truth.

Ruth Ware, In a Dark Dark Wood
Ruth Ware , In a Dark Dark Wood



UK Publication

HarperCollins, March 2018

US Publication

St. Martin's Press / Minotaur, March 2018

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