Max Manning


If the killer posts again, would you look?


When a woman is murdered in an east London park, Detective Inspector Fenton is missing just one thing: the body. The killer has posted a photo of his victim in her final moments but the police are yet to actually find her.


Before long another victim’s photo is similarly posted…and so begins the killer’s following.


The first victim is the ex-girlfriend of Adam Blake, a former journalist suffering from PTSD after being held hostage near the Iraq-Syrian border. Her sister, Leah, recruits Blake to help track down the killer, who is playing a deadly game with the police.


When the killer starts beheading his victims, Blake is forced to face his own personal demons. He teams up with Detective Inspector Fenton, who has been suspended from the official investigation, to put an end to this media firestorm…



Closer to a Jeffery Deaver manhunt emotionally, than to Nordic noir, Manning’s debut crime novel is a keeper.

Beth Kanell, author of The Long Shadow
Beth Kanell , author of The Long Shadow

Don’t Look Now will leave readers waiting for more from Manning. His fast-paced tale, with its unexpected resolution, is a welcome addition to the British-police-procedural shelves.


Brilliantly fresh … Grabs the reader from the off

James Oswald
James Oswald

WOW what a page turner. I loved it and devoured it in two sittings. Just my type of read. I highly recommend this book and congratulate Max Manning on a splendid job.

Liz Lawler, Author of Don't Wake Up
Liz Lawler , Author of Don't Wake Up



UK Publication

Headline / Wildfire, December 2017

US Publication

Sourcebooks, Summer 2018

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