The Lamplighters

Emma Stonex

I rowed out to the candle when the light was burning bright. But all I found behind its doors was the darkness of the night.

Cornwall, 1972

Three lighthouse keepers go missing from a remote rock miles from the English coast. The entrance door is locked from the inside. The clocks have stopped in the living room and kitchen. A table is laid for a meal not eaten. The Principal Keeper’s weather log describes a storm raging round the tower – but the skies have been clear all week.

What strange fate befell these doomed men? The heavy sea whispers their names. Black rocks roll beneath the surface, drowning ghosts. And out of the swell like a finger of light, the salt-scratched tower stands lonely and magnificent.

Inspired by real events, The Lamplighters is a story of isolation and obsession, of claustrophobia and savagery, of reality and illusion, and of keeping the light burning when all else is swallowed by dark.


Literary Fiction

UK Publication

Macmillan / Picador, 2021

US Publication

Penguin Random House / Viking, 2021

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