The Love Story of Missy Carmichael

Beth Morrey

“You probably saw me in the park yesterday. Or maybe you didn’t – too busy pushing the swing, snatching a sip of your coffee, waving hello to a friend.

Perhaps you saw me in the queue at the chemist, shuffling forward clutching my pennies. Or maybe you didn’t – face in your phone, sorting out that drink later.

You could have seen me in the café, huddled in the corner trying to catch the waiter’s eye. Or maybe you didn’t – tapping out an e-mail, cramming in a croissant, scanning the headlines.

You might have seen me. Or maybe you didn’t. Not many people see me anymore.

I’m fading, like an old photo.

Maybe one day no one will see me at all.”

Missy Carmichael has had a fulfilling life with two children, a golden husband and a Classics degree from Cambridge. But the world has changed around her. She doesn’t speak to her daughter, her son lives in Australia with her only grandson, and Leo, her great love, is gone. Left alone in a big house with only her memories, Missy can’t help but reminisce, and wishes more than anything that her life would return to the way it once was.

But sometimes experiences from the past can shatter rather than sooth, leaving Missy with no choice but to trust in the kindness of strangers, and an adopted dog.


For everyone with an Eleanor Oliphant-shaped hole in their heart, this is the book to fill it. Gorgeous characters, heartfelt storytelling and the sort of book that lifts your heart.

Eithne Shortall, author of Grace After Henry
Eithne Shortall , author of Grace After Henry


Book Club debut

UK Publication

HarperCollins/HarperFiction, 2020

US Publication

Penguin Random House/Putnam, 2020

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