Holly Bourne


The Manifesto on How to be Interesting is a dark-humoured, contemporary YA novel about a teenage loser and wannabe novelist named Bree who decides her life is too boring to be a writer. She starts a blog, identifying what it is that makes a person interesting and changes herself accordingly to see what happens. But, as Bree’s new life gets ever more complicated, just what sacrifices is she willing to make in her quest to be popular?


Rule one: One must be attractive in order to be interesting

Bree transforms her looks to discover how being considered conventionally attractive changes how people relate to her.


Rule two: One must make friends with other attractive people

She begins to infiltrate the Perfect Posse of popular girls at school, learning their secrets and their weaknesses before sharing them with the world via her blog.


Rule three: One must date other attractive people

Bree decides to seduce the most popular boy in school – just to see what happens.


Rule four: One must fall in love with somebody utterly forbidden

Bree also starts an affair with her English teacher. But is it really love? Or is Mr Fellows just another pawn in her increasingly intricate game?


Rule five: One must lose all sight of oneself, get into a huge emotional mess and break down as a person.

With the blog gaining widespread popularity, Bree begins to wonder if it’s all worthwhile. With friends lost, feelings shattered, ethics compromised, and one hell of a mess to sort out, Bree wonders just how much she’s really willing to make herself a martyr to the cause.  Is being popular really this perfect existence it’s always seen to be?                         


Young Adult

UK Publication

Usborne Publishing, September 2014

US Publication

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UK & Commonwealth: Usborne
German: DTV Junior
Lithuanian: Tyto Alba
Polish: Wilga
Portuguese (EU): Livraria Civilizacao Editora
Portuguese (Brazil): Novo Conceito
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