The Reinvention of Lottie Brooks

Katie Kirby

Hi, I’m Lottie Brooks. I’m starting high school without my best friend, who has most inconveniently moved to the other side of the world. Which is TERRIFYING! Especially because I am…well…not unpopular…just a bit ‘meh.’

THE PLAN: I am going to reinvent myself over the summer and become a new person! More confident and that sort of thing, maybe I could even be in the popular gang?! Or…maybe I’d settle for just flying under the radar and having someone to eat lunch with so I don’t have to stuff sandwiches into my mouth as quickly as possible and hide in the toilets for the rest of break.

I’ll let you know how I get on and if anyone can actually look past my potatoness, skinny legs and complete lack of social skills…we’ll see.

It really would help if I could actually grow boobs before then, too.



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