Rebecca James


Two women. Two scandals meet across generations.


Lucy Whittaker, broken and bruised, leaves England in the wake of a terrible scandal. There is nothing for her in London any more. No job, no friendships, no home…no him. Her life is over. Once the press finds out, she will be the most hated woman in the country.


Lucy responds to an appeal for house help at an isolated mansion in the Italian hills and finds herself moving to a magnificent but deserted castle with sprawling grounds and a decrepit interior. She must keep home, cook and clean, for an unnamed and reclusive American woman.


Over the course of the summer, Lucy begins to uncover the secrets of the house, of the woman she works for, and slowly discovers the tragic love affair that took place…


Gothic Women's Fiction

UK Publication

HarperCollins, March 2017

US Publication

HarperCollins US, 2017

Rights Sales

UK & Commonwealth: HarperCollins/ HQ
North American: HarperCollins US
Danish: Gyldendal
Estonian: Ersen
Finnish: Bazar
German: Aufbau
Italian: Newton Compton
Lithuania: Alma Littera
Norwegian: Cappelen Damm
Portuguese (EU): Leya