Radhika Sanghani


VIRGIN is a contemporary risqué comedy about a 21-year-old student who desperately tries  to lose her virginity before she graduates from university.


Ellie Kolstakis had never considered her lack of sexual experience as a problem – until her doctor effectively calls her a binge-drinking virgin. Suddenly faced with the undeniable fact that she has never had a boyfriend and barely reached third base – and with only four months left before she graduates – Ellie vows to lose her virginity ASAP.


With the help of her more-experienced friends Lara and Emma, and her less-experienced,   recently-out-of-the-closet friend Paul, Ellie sets off on a hilarious mission to pop her 21-year-old cherry. Can she overcome a domineering Greek mother, tame her ungovernable pubes in the waxing salons of London, avoid having her heart broken by the irresistible Jack – and shed her V-plates once and for all?


V!RG!N is an x-rated Bridget Jones for the younger end of the Y Generation.  Funny and daring, the novel candidly explores its protagonist Ellie’s sexual journey and ultimately offers a powerful observation on the societal pressures that young women face concerning sex and status today.


Contemporary fiction

UK Publication

Harlequin, August 2014

US Publication

Penguin / Berkley Publishing, August 2014

Rights Sales

UK & Commonwealth: Harlequin, M&B
North American: Penguin / Berkley Publishing
Film & TV: Blackpills
Croatian: Leo-Commerce
Czech: Mlada Fronta
French: JC Lattes
Hungarian: Libri
Italian: Bompiani
Japanese: Tatsumi
Norwegian: Cappelen Damm
Polish: Foksal
Portuguese (Brazil): Rocco
Serbian: Carobna Knjiga
Spanish: La Esfera de Los Libros
Turkish: Pegasus