Katherine May

From the author of The Electricity of Every Living Thing, comes a starkly beautiful memoir about ways of surviving when life becomes frozen.

Everyone goes through a ‘wintering’ phase in their life: a time of being cut-off from the world, when you feel rejected, sidelined, blocked from progress, or cast into the role of an outsider.

Once we stop wishing it were summer, winter can be a glorious season when the world takes on a sparse beauty, and even the pavements glitter.

In Wintering, Katherine May argues that fallow periods are part of the natural cycle of life.

Part memoir, part interviews with people who have wintered extraordinarily, she draws on a range of metaphors from the natural world, from trees shedding their leaves to the migration of birds, as well as looking at traditional human preparations for the cold, how to winter successfully and then, how to thaw.

For fans of H is for Hawk and The Lonely City.



UK Publication

Penguin Random House / Rider, February 2020

US Publication

Penguin Random House / Riverhead, Winter 2020

Rights Sales

UK & Commonwealth: Penguin Random House / Rider
US: Penguin Random House / Riverhead