Debut Publication: NOW YOU SEE by Max Manning


Today is the publication of Max Manning‘s debut Now You Seea tense crime novel which casts a fascinating spotlight on the darker side of social media. Wildfire are releasing Max’s first book in digital first, with a stunning paperback to follow in April 2018.


I, Killer has posted two photos of his first victim online – Before Death and After Death. They’ve gone viral before DCI Fenton’s team even discovers the body. Soon, another victim’s photo is similarly posted…and so begins the killer’s following. DCI Fenton is determined to discover the identity of I, Killer. Then the murderer makes the hunt personal, and Fenton’s search becomes a matter of life or death for him and his daughter. But as I, Killer’s body-count rises, his number of online followers is growing – and he loves to give his fans what they want…


A frequent comment we can see from the reviews so far is that readers are all demanding Book 2 – there can’t be much higher praise than that. Congratulations, Max, on a bone-chilling debut!