Beth Morrey

Beth Morrey is currently the Creative Director at RDF Television where she has been involved in numerous productions – she helped create The Secret Life of Four Year Olds series on Channel 4 and devised 100 Year Old Drivers for ITV.

She was shortlisted for the Grazia Orange First Chapter competition back in 2011, had her work published in the Cambridge and Oxford May Anthologies, and was Vice-President of the Cambridge Footlights.

She’s an experienced treatment and sketch writer, though novel-writing has always been her dream.


Here is a love story of the most important kind: that of coming to love oneself through accepting and returning the love of others. . . . I truly enjoyed reading this story of a big-hearted but embittered woman who turns her life around.

Elizabeth Berg
author of Night of Miracles

Moving but not sentimental (just as Missy would like it), this is a deeply satisfying read. Missy is a fantastically real character, as complex, frustrating, vulnerable and surprising as any I’ve met in print. I miss her already.

Eleanor Wasserberg
author of Foxlowe

For everyone with an Eleanor Oliphant-shaped hole in their heart, this is the book to fill it. Gorgeous characters, heartfelt storytelling and the sort of book that lifts your heart.

Eithne Shortall
author of Grace After Henry