C. J. Tudor


C. J. Tudor lives in Nottingham, England with her partner and three-year-old daughter.


Over the years she has worked as a copywriter, television presenter, voiceover and dog-walker. She is now thrilled to be able to write full-time, and doesn’t miss chasing wet dogs through muddy fields all that much.


THE CHALK MAN is her first novel.



A band of preteens in a quaint English village in the late 1980s confront true evil and grapple with the lifelong consequences in this gripping debut mystery/thriller… Readers who relish dark, twisty thrillers will be kept guessing. Taut plotting, smooth writing, and a compelling premise will satisfy fans of Jo Nesbo, Camilla Lackberg, and Tana French.

Library Journal

An absorbing debut with a well-crafted mystery and a solid dose of Stand by Me creepiness.


C.J. Tudor bursts onto the scene with a page-turning thriller that draws simple but terrifying lines about evil and the haunting nature of childhood. Flip open the first page and you’ll curl up all night.

Julia Heaberlin
Sunday Times bestselling author of Black-Eyed Susans

The grip the past has on the present reveals itself in ever more sinister and macabre ways in this utterly original and relentlessly compelling psychological thriller. The Chalk Man kept me guessing all the way to the end.

Fiona Neill
author of The Betrayals

Absolutely brilliant. I was enthralled from start to finish. I was expecting a creepy horror story that I’d have to read with all the lights on but this book is so much more than that – it’s witty, insightful, clever, thoughtful, mysterious, gripping, nostalgic and utterly compelling. Publishers often talk about ‘an exciting new voice in fiction’ and I genuinely think CJ Tudor is going to be huge. This book has bestseller written all over it and if it doesn’t go to number one I will eat my crime writing hat.

C.L. Taylor
bestselling author of The Escape

The Chalk Man is an unpredictable and engaging thriller: sinister, tragic, and with a beautifully rendered sense of time and place. That final page still haunts me

Helen Callaghan
bestselling author of Dear Amy

I absolutely loved The Chalk Man by C.J. Tudor! It’s a dark, mesmerising thriller with an ending that left me with goosebumps!

Nuala Elwood
author of My Sister’s Bones

In The Chalk Man, C.J. Tudor brilliantly weaves past and present into a haunting, vividly imagined tale. Much more than a murder mystery, it is a sharp, terrifying exploration of the bonds and limitations of childhood friendships and of secrets that refuse to remain buried. I fell in love with the guiding voice of this novel, the thoughtful and solitary Eddie. Prepare to be surprised again and again, even until the final page.

Michelle Richmond
author of The Marriage Pact

What an amazing debut! Such an ingenious, original idea. I was engrossed from the very first page. I loved how the 1986 and present day storylines weaved so skilfully together to create that unforgettable and unexpected ending. Compelling, taut and so very, very chilling. This book will haunt you!

Claire Douglas
Sunday Times bestselling author of Last Seen Alive

CJ Tudor has written an utterly original novel—a thriller in which the suspense comes not simply from what happens, but from that dark place within the human mind from which all the greatest mysteries and terrors emerge. This one will hold you in its grip to the last page.

Joyce Maynard
New York Times bestselling author of Under the Influence and To Die For

It’s been a while since I’ve read such an impressive debut. The pace was perfectly judged, with a lovely feel of Stand By Me about the 1986 scenes and beguiling nostalgia in the contemporary narrative, all mixed in with a creeping sense of unease that starts with the Prologue and grows throughout the book. The characters were superbly drawn - not too much physical description but wonderful interplay between the five young friends and their adult selves. And then that ending.... Generally speaking I’ve either enjoyed something and want to recommend it to all my friends, or haven’t and don’t much want to talk about it. The Chalk Man definitely falls into the former category, and it deserves to be a huge success. It feels so fresh…. I’ll be telling everyone else to read it when it comes out in January.

James Oswald

The Chalk Man is coming and there's nothing you can do to stop him. Tense, skilful storytelling and plenty of horror.

Ali Land
Sunday Times bestselling author of Good Me, Bad Me