Caleb Krisp


Caleb Krisp was raised by militant librarians who fed him a constant diet of 19th century literature and room temperature porridge. His childhood was cut tragically short after he sold his Great Aunt Mabel for a handful of perfectly ordinary pumpkin seeds.  Caleb graduated from the University of Sufferance with a degree in Whimsy and set out to make his mark in the world as a writer.


Years of toil and failure followed, until, following a brief stint working in a locked box, Caleb moved to an abandoned cottage deep in the woods and devoted himself to writing about the adventures of a twelve year old lady’s maid of no importance.


His only communication with the outside world is via morse code or kettle drum. He trusts no-one, save for his literary agent. Caleb has a strong dislike of pastry chefs and certain domesticated rabbits. It is his express wish that you stop reading this now.




Exuberantly told with apt and wildly witty caricatures from John Kelly, it has a fun, original voice

The Sunday Times

It would be difficult to find a more unreliable narrator than Ivy Pocket, a twelve-year-old orphan with a wildly inflated opinion of herself...a one-of-a-kind protagonist

Booklist US

Fans of the irony, mild violence, and conspiracies found in Lemony Snickett's "A Series of Unfortunate Events" will love Ivy Pocket's zany adventures

School Library Journal Review

A wonderfully entertaining heroine.

Financial Times

Part Jane Eyre, part Lemony Snicket and a lot of fun, Anyone But Ivy Pocket is a must-read.

Huffington Post

An irresistible narrator . . . Ivy is feisty, suffers from grand self-delusions and is completely without irony or self-awareness. At times there are glimmers of the abandoned child, making her at once insufferable and endearing . . . Readers looking for a narrator to capture their imaginations with tall tales and unlikely escapades will find her in Ivy Pocket.

Junior Bookseller & Publisher magazine