My two top Literary Consultants

Some literary consultants are fantastic at improving the standard of a manuscript before submitting to agents and publishers.  Two literary consultants I hugely recommend are as follows:

The Shelley Instone Literary Consultancy, established in 2011 in order to give writers the very best advice and critiques in the business. Focussing entirely on children’s books, Shelley has the huge advantage of editing and reading for many agents and really does know how high the bar is to make it as a writer. She has an MA in Children’s Literature and has also worked as a journalist for online publications interviewing and reviewing many of the UK’s best known authors. Shelley is committed to assisting writers of all abilities.

Smart Quill Editorial run by Philippa Donovan, currently commissioning children’s fiction for a major UK publishing house. Previously she worked with authors of literary and commercial fiction and non-fiction at an agency in London. She has been in the industry for 10 years and has contacts with agencies, scouts and publishers worldwide.  The special thing about this consultancy is that they do both adults and children’s books, and with a focus on digital too.  She’s the only consultant I am aware of offering to discuss and advise authors on trade publishing and digital options.