Hayley Steed

Associate Agent;
Film, TV and Digital Coordinator

Hayley is an Associate Agent, working closely with Madeleine’s clients as well as actively seeking new talent for the agency. She also coordinates the digital rights and Film & TV rights, focusing on book to screen adaptation and scripts written by existing clients.

After graduating from Loughborough University with a First Class Honours in English she spent a year interning at five of the top UK literary agencies before working at an esteemed PR agency, where she was shortlisted for a PPC Award for her work promoting bestselling authors. She is also a long-suffering West Ham fan and season ticket holder, spending most of her time watching sport, reading, or at the cinema.

Actively looking for: commercial fiction across all genres including contemporary women’s fiction; uplifting love stories; high concept novels; grounded sci-fi; speculative fiction; gothic novels; horror; feminist reads; magical realism; tense crime and thrillers; cross-genre books; true crime and compelling memoirs, non-fiction focused on sport and female voices.