Holly Bourne

Olive has gone back to the GP yet again, only to be told that the waiting list for therapy is months long.

With her family unable to afford private healthcare, she’s dubious when she’s offered to take part in a new mental health ‘camp’ for teenagers. But she’s desperate.

Put in the residential camp with other ill teens for a month, Olive’s told to start using a special app – one where she can log her moods and thoughts. She finds out the camp has developed algorithms to measure and predict a patient’s wellbeing, to help them prioritise support.

Olive’s obsessed with the idea of a mathematical formula to sanity. But as she hears the other people’s stories, she starts to wonder if it’s the world driving them mad. Is mental illness the only logical response to modern society?


Unflinchingly honest and empathetic, this intense novel demonstrates the primary importance of kindness and compassion, that it’s never a persons fault that they’re unwell, and just how essential self-care is. Ladies and Gents, I give you one of the year’s most important YA novels - an engaging and thought-provoking book with tremendous value. Holly Bourne has done it again.


Bourne is intensely readable and writes with compassion, insight and humour.

The Observer
The Observer

Holly Bourne tackles a serious subject with humour and sensitivity.

The Sunday Express
The Sunday Express


Young Adult

UK Publication

Usborne, August 2018

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