Good Girls Die First

Kathryn Foxfield

Blackmail lures sixteen-year-old Ava to derelict Portgrave Pier, with its seventies arcade and waterlogged carnival. She is one of ten teenagers, all with secrets they intend to protect whatever the cost. When fog and magic swallow the pier, the group find themselves cut off from the real world and from their morals. People start to die, killed by one of the ten soon after confessing to their secret, their bodies found with the message ‘he only needs one.’

A guilt-eating creature calling itself Whispers watching from the mirrors, who hasn’t fed in forty years. With Whispers’ mind games blurring the line between good and evil, Ava struggles to see past her own anxiety disorder and trust herself, never mind any of the other jerks on the pier. She searches for a way to escape before Whispers’ games trick her into committing murder.

But is it Whispers they need to fear, or is it each other?

As the teenagers turn on each other, Ava will have to face up to the secret that brought her to the pier and decide how far she’s willing to go to survive.



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German: Fischer
Italian: Newton Compton