Greenwich Park

Katherine Faulkner

Helen lives a seemingly picturesque life in Greenwich Park with her husband: a beautiful Victorian home, her tight-knit circle of friends, and a baby on the way.

This all changes the day that Helen accidentally befriends single mother Rachel at an antenatal class. Helen is as neurotic and emotionally fragile as Rachel is extroverted and brash. As their unlikely friendship intensifies, Helen becomes increasingly unsettled by Rachel’s odd behaviour. And she’s not the only one.

Those closest to Helen in Greenwich Park begin to realise that Rachel is linked to their shared history in unexpected ways, threatening to expose a past crime which could destroy all of their lives.

What secrets lie beneath the foliage and warm streetlamps of this neighbourhood?

Greenwich Park explores the terrible consequences of guilt, the complexity of female friendships, and the fallibility of the memories we cherish. 


Upmarket Suspense

UK Publication

Bloomsbury / Raven Books

US Publication

Simon & Schuster / Gallery

Rights Sales

Czech: Dobrovsky
Polish: Muza
Portuguese (EU): Topseller
Portuguese (SA): Record
Russian: AST
Serbian: Vulkan