Lara Williamson


Mabel Mynt knows a lot about love living in a Northern Irish seaside town called Love. Mabel’s mother is careful to say she loves her every day. Mabel even tells her dog she loves him every day too. But the one day Mabel forgot to say it to her dad, he disappeared.


It’s a mystery where Dad’s gone and Mabel is the only person to solve it. After all it’s her fault he’s gone, breaking the magic law of Love. Now it’s up to Mabel to say she loves him, whatever way she can.


Mabel learns about the local sea-god called Mannánan and his magic cup of love which breaks if three lies are spoken and then it’s made whole again if three truths are spoken.


When Raymond gives Mabel a miniature replica of Mannánan’s cup that he found in a local charity shop he says it has the power to make magic happen, she just needs to whisper the magic words…



Children's / 8-12 Years

UK Publication

Usborne, July 2018

US Publication

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World English: Usborne
Romanian: Gama
Turkish: Pegasus