Scribble Witch

Inky Willis

Welcome to the new magical series about a girl and her secret paper witch, guaranteed to make 7-9s laugh out loud. Here’s the little witch (and her human friend, Molly) to tell us more …

Dear friendlings,

I is Notes! Notes is me! Notes is secret paper witchy. I is been drawn looooonnng time ago by sad child. Now friendling Molly’s sads awokens me and I do super helpings for Molly. I writes stories for Molly to gives to grouchbag Mr Teachings and I is giving Molly super helpings with best friendling Chloe and their sads. Such wondrous magics! Okeypokey, times to go. Can I make you laughings with my notes too?

Notes x


Molly here. Sorry about Notes. She gets me into a lot of trouble, but she’s sort of brilliant too. She turned my worst Wednesday into my best Wednesday. I’d love to tell you about it, and you can meet Notes too.

Love, Molly x
PS Bring your favourite pencil case and your best pencil topper.



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