The Long, Long Afternoon

Inga Vesper

Joyce Haney, housewife and mother, vanishes from her suburban kitchen. Detective Mick Blanke, recently transferred to LA from New York, soon runs out of ideas. The only clues – a blood stain and a blue baby grow – lead him nowhere.

Desperate, he approaches Ruby Wight, the Haney’s ‘help’. Ruby, he suspects, knows about the secrets lurking behind the starched curtains and perfect smiles of the Sunnylakes neighborhood.

He’s right. But for Ruby – black, poor and from South-Central – the police are the problem not the solution. And caught up in the budding civil rights movement, the last thing she’ll do is collaborate with the cops.

Only when she finds the skeleton of a baby in Joyce’s flower pot does Ruby decide to help. When another murder shakes the idyllic suburbs, Ruby and Mick race to solve the case before the killer catches up with them.



Historical Crime

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US Publication


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Czech: Grada
Dutch: De Fontein
Germany: Rowohlt
Italy: Piemme
Spanish: Planeta