The Places I’ve Cried In Public

Holly Bourne

Clapham Junction waiting room.

The bench on top of the common.

The Music classroom.

The list goes on…

Reece made Amelie cry a lot. And yet theirs was still the most perfect love she’s ever known.

Determined to try and make sense of her shattered heart, Amelie revisits all the places her relationship made her cry.

Amelie remembers how she was the new girl at school. How Reece picked her over everyone else. How he wrote her songs, took her on the most beautiful dates, and took her virginity and said he’s never felt this way about anyone before…

But then started to tell her she was crazy and needy and insecure, and called her names, and said her music wasn’t good enough, and then cheated on her…


Young Adult

UK Publication

Usborne, October 2019

US Publication

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UK & Commonwealth: Usborne
Estonian: Tanapaev
Finnish: Gummerus
German: DTV
Italian: DeA Planeta
Russian: AST Mainstream
Spanish: La Galera