Caroline Mitchell


What would you do if a killer forced you to become a silent witness?


Rebecca Walker lives the perfect life with her husband and children in a sleepy Welsh village. But as she discovers a mobile phone ringing from under her bed, her world collapses around her. Ten years previously she was placed into witness protection after giving evidence in a murder trial. The killer was her fiancée. And now he is free.


A shocking ultimatum is issued; choose the victim or it defaults to someone you hold dear. And she has just minutes to decide. As each crime becomes more brutal, she is forced to play devil’s advocate as she chooses the next target. Further communications follow with agonising choices, each more personal than the last. She must think fast as the nightmare accelerates, and draw from elements of her hidden past to get through the horrors that lay ahead.


Each communication drags her back into a history she hoped would remain forgotten, and the secrets it holds could blow her family apart for good.


Psychological Thriller

UK Publication

Amazon Publishing / Thomas & Mercer, Autumn 2016

US Publication

Amazon Publishing / Thomas & Mercer, Autumn 2016

Rights Sales

UK & Commonwealth: Amazon Publishing/ Thomas and Mercer
Estonian: Ersen
Lithuanian: Jotema
Russian: FLC
Swedish: Lind&Co