Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

As a growing UK literary agency seeking new authors, we are accepting submissions in all categories.

We personally read everything that is submitted to the agency and represent authors based all over the world. We also review successfully self-published and established authors.

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We have set out some guidelines to ensure that your submission can be considered as efficiently as possible. Please do follow them – we receive a huge volume of submissions every day so we want to give yours every chance of success.


Everything you need to know is in these guidelines, so there is no need to ring us as we will only direct you back to this page. 

 For more information on what a literary agency does please visit the Writers & Artists Yearbook.

We are sorry but we do not accept screenplays except from our existing clients.  

And remember: give us a nudge if another agency has got there before us and requested your complete manuscript.

For All Submissions

  • Please email your submissions, addressed to a specific agent, to one of the following. For ADULT submissions:, for CHILDREN'S & YA submissions: We can no longer consider submissions sent by post, or return any that are.
  • Address your submission to the specific agent you feel most suits your work. You can read about what each agent is looking for on the right.
  • Put your name and the title of your manuscript in the subject line of the email, for example Abigail Bond THE FLIGHT: FAO Catherine Cho.
  • The manuscript and synopsis should be in Word format and 1.5 or double spaced. Please check the spelling before sending.
  • Please do alert us via the submissions email address if other agents have requested your complete manuscript or you have an offer of representation.
  • You should find all information concerning submissions on this page, but if you have any questions please email It is not necessary to ring us.

For Fiction Submissions

  • Please write a one-line elevator pitch and up to three comparable books or authors you'd place your book alongside in your email
  • In the same way you would write a formal covering letter, please send a professional email introducing your book. Pitch your book in your email - write a compelling blurb to get us interested in the story and include information about yourself that is relevant to the work you are submitting.
  • Attach a one-page synopsis and the first three chapters of the manuscript. There should only be two attachments in a single email. As a rule, the synopsis should ‘tell the story’, with spoilers, rather than ‘sell’ the story (that is done in the introductory email).
  • To submit illustrations please send a little information about yourself along with a sample of your portfolio either via a link to your website or attached as PDFs or jpegs. Please avoid download links or zip files.

For Non-fiction Submissions

Non-fiction titles are often sold on proposal, so your book does not need to be complete at the time of submission to the agency.

When submitting a non-fiction project please write a covering letter introducing yourself and your project.

Please also attach a proposal as well as a 30 page writing sample. There should only be two attachments, do not send multiple emails.

The proposal should include the following information:

  • What your book is about and why it needs to be written.
  • Where it sits in the market, with reference to other similar or competing titles.
  • Why you are well-placed to write the book, with reference to your background and any credentials or professional expertise you may have.
  • A chapter outline, with a paragraph or two explaining what will be addressed in each chapter.