Jemma Forte


Jemma Forte grew up wanting to write for Cosmopolitan magazine, be a famous actress or work in a shoe shop (because she loved the foot measuring ice in Clarkes.) Her parents didn’t really want her to go to stage school because, according to them, she was ‘precocious enough already.’


However, they actively encouraged her obsession with reading and writing, so she wrote her first book ‘Mizzy the germ’ when she was eight. Years later, due to The Kids from Fame, (and she blames them entirely) her desire to perform hadn’t abated.


Many hundreds of letters, show-reels and auditions later she finally became a Disney Channel presenter in 1998 where she remained for five years. After Disney Jemma went on to present shows for ITV, BBC1, BBC2 and C4. In 2009 Penguin published her début adult fiction ‘Me & Miss M’, written while bringing up her two children.


She spends her time writing, as well as acting and presenting.




'Sparky writing, true-to-life characters and a rollercoaster of a plot that will get you thinking about the 'What Ifs' in your own life - all make for an unmissable read' 

Abby Clements

An easy reading story that bristles with warmth and humour


A witty account of rollercoaster events that will get you thinking about the “what ifs” in your own life


The most imaginative romcom we’ve read in a while


An engrossing and magical read with romance at its core


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