Kate Weston

Kate is an ex-stand-up comedian (never won any awards) and a bookseller (never won any awards at that either). She now works as a marketeer in publishing, and in her spare time writes books for teenagers. Her debut will be published by Hodder Children’s in February 2020. Though she no longer sells books, she is thrilled she now writes them, and is sometimes still funny.



If you found the late Louise Rennison’s diaries of Georgia Nicholson funny, and you are not squeamish about explicit discussion of mooncups and dick pics, this book by Kate Weston will make you laugh out loud.

The Sunday Times

Holly Bourne fans should love this uproarious debut by standup comic Weston, which pinballs from period jokes to giant penises projected on the whiteboard as 15-year-old Kat attempts to figure out how to be a feminist, good or otherwise, and wonders whether she will ever feel like a grownup. Sensitive treatment of panic attacks, anxiety and depression gives depth to the (considerable) hilarity.

The Guardian

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