Giles Milburn

Managing Director
& literary agent

Giles is the Managing Director of Madeleine Milburn Ltd.

Having studied English at the University of East Anglia, Giles began his publishing career at a leading London Literary Agency back in 2006. Working with bestselling authors in commercial fiction, non-fiction and historical, he was soon immersed in the exhilarating world of the book trade. After a short break from the industry, during which he criss-crossed Southern Africa as a travel writer, and taught English at a number of London schools, he was thrilled to join the team at Madeleine Milburn as Managing Director.

As well as managing the day to day business of the agency, he is building a boutique list of mainly historical fiction, though he is keen to consider literary and book club fiction as well.

Actively looking for: anything historical, be it literary, commercial, crime, series, non fiction or all of the above. A strong, inescapable sense of place and time; ordinary people in epic times; reimaginings and retellings; stark but striking prose; books with series potential; literary and unique books; exploration of identity and progress